N&W in 1911--Auto shipped by rail for repairs

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
August 12, 1911

[A Feb. 23, 2011, posting on the Mailing List quoted a BDT article about a Virginian (tricky name, eh?) automobile purchased by C. O'Leary. This posting is about the same automobile. The following is a summary of a two-column, front-page article with big headlines that appeared in the 8/16/1911 BDT.]

The Virginian automobile reported as new in the 7/6/1911 BDT was wrecked about 11:00 p.m. at the Gap of Stoney Ridge when the big car went over a 30-foot bank and overturned, killing a police officer passenger, seriously injuring three other passengers and slightly injuring two more passengers and the driver (I think it's interesting that four doctors and the head nurse from St. Luke's hospital went to the scene of the accident in other automobiles after one of the wreck victims walked to a home near the accident scene to use a telephone to report the accident to someone in Bluefield.). The article stated that the car would likely be repaired for $700 or $800. Incidentally, an article in the following day's BDT mentioned the car's forty-inch wheels. The 8/16/1911 BDT stated that the car was hauled into Bluefield on a wagon drawn by two pair of horses and loaded on a railway car to be returned to the manufacturer in Richmond for repairs.
Gordon Hamilton
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