Doubleheaded K2s?

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Note that no N&W passenger engine was serviced at Clare as ‘regular operations’; N&W passenger engines were either serviced by Cincinnati Union Terminal after March of 1933; the PRR at their Pendleton Shops before that when the N&W trains went into the Panhandle depot or at Idlewild on the PRR/Cincinnati Lebanon & Northern pre 1924. Red-Bird GP-9’s didn’t go into Clare either for servicing. Also note that any J or K-2 working off its life in 1958-59 on local freights didn’t go on the Peavine as freight steam was gone in the summer of 1956.

Gary Rolih

N&W did make an attempt to avoid the costly service provided by Cincinnati Union Terminal --
In the mid-1950s, most other roads in Cincinnati had converted to diesel power -- B&O and
NYC may have been exceptions. But N&W's share of coaling an engine had increased.
During an experimental period, coal boards were added and westbound passenger trains
would top off at Prichard and skip coaling at C.U.T. But the test concluded that there were
too many eastbound trains returning to Prichard with just a bucket full left in the tender.

The Norfolk Division did run A's (in the lead) with K's. Remember that the K's (Nos. 121-123
as I recall) were assigned to Richmond-Petersburg-Norfolk service and that ACL's GRS
automatic train control couldn't integrate with N&W's Union Switch & Signal system.
These three K's, therefore, were fitted with GRS equipment. When overhaul or some
federal tests came due, the GRS-equipped K's would be hauled to Shaffers Crossing
behind an A. Harry Bundy

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