"Takin' Twenty" with the Virginian Brethren by Skip Salmon

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I had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Newton (and his two sons, who were both
doctors) during my 1959-1964 pastorate in Narrows. They tell the story that one
day he opened the door to his waiting room and asked how many of the people
there were prepared to pay for their services that day. He explained that he had
been called away to attend a man who had had a heart attack. "Those of you who
are prepared to pay for their services today can go up the street to Dr. Carr's
office. The rest of you will have to wait until I get back." Truly what heroes
are made of!

Jim Nichols

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The Jewel From the Past this week is from November 25, 2004: "I also shared with
the Brethren an item from the CD of the Narrows Centennial about a pilot, Harvey
Amos of Bluefield, who 'barnstormed' with the famous Amelia Earhart. In October,
1930, he flew a 'two-seater' plane into the 88,000 volt Virginian Railway power
line crossing the New River. He severed the lines, blowing safety fuses in the
Power Plant at Narrows and cutting power off from Mullens to Roanoke. Dr. Maury
C. Newton, Sr. saw the crash and waded into the water, shouldered the wing of
the plane, and lifted the head of an unconscious Amos from the water. He held
the plane and Harvey Amos until help arrived. Amos recovered and continued
flying in the Army Air Corps. Dr. Newton was nominated for the 'Carnegie Metal
for Heroism', the highest civilian award for heroism. Dr. Newton 'declined the
nomination and medal, exhibiting what a true hero is really made of'".

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