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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
March 4, 1911

Many Changes Since The Line Was First Built
The Tazewell Republican says:
"Captain 'Bill' Gardner, of Bluefield, was here the first of the week attending court as a witness in the case of the Luck Construction Co. vs. Russell county. Captain Gardner's visit recalls to the old times of the opening of the Clinch Valley division of the Norfolk and Western to Tazewell nearly twenty-two years ago, he being conductor on the first passenger train that ran regularly to the Clinch. The remainder of the crew were: James Carey, engineer; John Mastin, fireman; Bob Herndon, brakeman and John Cooper, baggageman.
"Of the old crew, Mr. Carey is now superintendent of the Scioto valley division of the Norfolk and Western; John Mastin is road foremen on the Pocahontas division; Bob Herndon is dead; John Cooper is living on a farm near Witten's Mills, and Captain Gardner has been in charge of construction work on railroads and county roads for a number of years.
"At the time the Clinch Valley was opened it was operated as a part of the old Flat Top division, with John Hardy, superintendent of the Radford division at Roanoke, acting as superintendent of the Flat Top division; N. D. Maher was trainmaster; A. P. Miller, assistant engineer, and A. C. Needles the yardmaster at Bluefield.
"In the fall of 1889 the road was opened to Honaker and shortly afterwards, in January, 1890, the present editor of the Republican came to the Clinch Valley as supervisor, or as the office is now known, roadmaster.
"Of the old officers of the Flat Top division, Messrs. Hardy and Miller are dead. Mr. Maher is now vice president and general manager, and Mr. Needles, general superintendent of the road. Mr. Barger is a prominent coal operator in West Virginia, but lives in Shawsville, Va., where he has a beautiful farm and home while the ?????* has, shall we say, 'reformed' and is now running the best weekly paper in Virginia.'
*Indistinct on microfilm
Gordon Hamilton
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