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Are any of the N&W signals being saved as they are being replaced?

I have to remember to take photos of them next weekend before they are gone.

Gene Bowker

The Railroad Examiner

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Kenova District has been shut down for the next three days .All traffic rerouted.

So they could remove the track from Tunnels 1, 3 and 4 dig out the tunnel floors

install new drainage and pave the floor with asphalt and reinstall new track panels.

Also major signal replacements at Naugatuck and Wolf Creek Jct while the track is out of

service. I was there this morning you just can't believe how much activity. I think I counted

three ballast trains with power standing by probably 10 cranes dozens of endloaders and

trackhoes, dozers and no less than 100 NS Trucks and vehicles. So here are some photos

taken this morning enjoy.

Larry Evans

See imagse at following:

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