N&W in 1911--Two days, two fatal accidents

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
February 1, 1911

Woman Instantly Killed and Little One Fatally Injured
Roanoke, Va., January 31. (Special)--Mrs. Johnson and her child were struck by the belated passenger train No. 4 of the Norfolk and Western near Christiansburg this afternoon. The woman was thrown some distance, horribly mangled and instantly killed. The child's skull was crushed and it will die. Mr. Johnson's mother was standing so near the track at the time that a bucket in her hand was struck by the engine and thrown a long distance.
Bluefield Daily Telegraph
February 2, 1911

One or More Believed to be Still Under Wreckage--All of Train Crew Escaped Injury
Two men are known to have been killed and another injured when extra 1069 broke in two and wrecked near Huger last night at 6:30 o'clock as the result of a broken flange on a loaded car. Seven cars were piled up while on every side coal and coke was heaped into great masses which completely covered three men who have been taken out. It is believed that one or more men are still beneath the wreckage. At 3 o'clock this morning two bodies had been recovered.
The dead:
HARVEY ROBINSON, miner, Glen Alum, W. Va.
CHARLEY HOSTIN, colored, extra force man
Edwin Robinson, of Glen Alum, W Va., a miner, and brother to Harvey Robinson, was scratched about the face and hands and his back was injured. He was taken to the miner's hospital, but it is not believed his injuries are serious.
Hostin was terribly mutilated by the enormous weight of the coal and coke and other debris which had been piled upon him. It is though that he must have been caught between the cars when they ran together. Robinson was also badly cut up.
All of the dead and injured men were stealing rides when the wreck occurred. None of the train crew was injured. Because many men ride freight trains from Huger to Welch about the time of night the wreck occurred, it is thought that one or more men may still be under the debris which is being cleared away as fast as possible.
Passenger service was delayed several hours as a result of the wreck, it being after 10 o'clock before one track could be cleared so that No. 16 could run east. The train did not arrive in this city until after midnight.
If there are any men underneath the wreckage now it is not believed they can be alive because tons of coal and coke are piled upon them and as the men were riding the end beams it is likely that they were crushed to death when the crash came. As fast as the debris can be removed the wreckage is being explored for any sign of human bodies and the fear that men may still be alive has spurred the intrepid wrecking crews to do their best work. At the point where the wreck occurred there is double track and owing to the fact that the east bound track was cleared early in the night it was possible to get passenger trains over the road. Superintendent W. S. Becker went to the scene of the wreck.
Gordon Hamilton
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