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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
January 31, 1911

"Here's a story I want to see in that 'lobby' column," said a railroad man stopping between runs at the Grand Hotel. "A farmer had a hog killed by the railroad and wrote the claim agent as follows:
'Dear sir--My razorback strolled down your track a week ago today. Your twenty-nine came down the line, and snuffed his life away.
You can't blame me, the hog, you see, slipped though a cattle gate,
So kindly pen a check for ten, the debt to liquidate.'

"To this he received the following reply,
'Old twenty-nine came down the line and killed your hog, we know,
But razorbacks on railroad tracks quite often meet with woe.
Therefore, we cannot send the check for which you pine.
Just plant the dead, place o'er his head, 'Here lies a foolish swine.'"
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Gordon Hamilton
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