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I am trying to figure out what Wabash coach or coaches were at the Roanoke
Chapter and I am hoping that someone can help me with this. I have received
a report that 1827 (ex-Wabash 1420, nee-B&M 4803 "Black Bird") has been sold
to the Monticello RR Museum, but I seem to recall reading a long while back
that Roanoke also had a second ex-Wabash coach and it is this car that I am
inquiring about.

The reason I am thinking that there was a second coach (acquired from RRP -
Railroad Passenger Cars, Inc.) is because of a report I read way back in
possibly the late-80s when a set of RNRH cars had been struck by an NS unit
in a yard (I think Lynchburg), damaging one of the cars. IIRC (no guaranty
there) the report mentioned that the brakes weren't properly set on the cars
and they had rolled out onto the yard lead, where the vestibule end of one
car (supposedly the second Wabash car) was badly damaged, and that the car
was returned to Roanoke and placed somewhere near the back of the museum,
unserviceable due to the damage.

Does anyone remember the incident? Was there a second Wabash/Boston & Maine
coach owned by Roanoke? Does anyone know the car's number???

Inquiring minds (and I) would like to know. Any help would be
<jmlaboda at>

I hate getting old... Over the years I have learned a lot of things, but I
just can't remember much of it anymore.

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