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Hello HB,

Could you explain please what the term "short flagging" means? As a railroader of 21 years in the UK I can supply a guess but it is
only that. Does the term mean that the freight train in this instance has stopped on the main and timetable working has allowed another
train, the excursion into the same section and the crew of the freight have failed to provide ample warning by flag or fusee of the presence
of their train?

Apologies if I am way off but I am very interested in how things used to be done.

Best regards,

Cameron Tyre

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In my day this is what we called "Short Flagging".

HB Lyon

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>Loaded With Negroes Bound From Princeton to Roanoke--No One Injured

> Roanoke, Va., July 23. (Special)--A negro [sic] excursion train > on the Virginian railway [sic], bound from Princeton, W. Va., to > Roanoke, ran into a freight train on a curve near Salem this > evening. No body [sic] was injured and no damage was done except > the derailing of the engine and the smashing of the caboose of the freight.


>Gordon Hamilton


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