Hopper Car usage in steam era

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Hello and Happy New Year to all.

During the period when N&W was providing 50/55 ton hoppers and 70 ton hoppers, How was it determined what type went to a tipple? Did the tipple call for cars by type? (eg. Tipple X needs forty 70 ton cars) Did the tipple expect to load x tons per day so N&W just send what it had at the yard?

The reason I ask is that I model a fictitious coal branch and have 55 and 70 ton cars. I am trying to create more operational interest. I have a small yard at the beginning of the branch. After a mine turn comes back to the yard, we sort loaded cars to either go east or west. I thought it might be interesting if the tipples called for mty's by type. Then the yard would have to sort mtys by type before a mine run.

I suspect there are several different answers based on customer. (Such as on the Tug branch and US Steel)

Thanks in advance for your input.

Tom Lewis
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