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Thank you for the information on Levi. It will be included in the
newsletter article. I appreciate your help. Attached is the photo of
his family's memorial to him in a Walnut Cove cemetery.

Happy New Year to All.


George L. Weber
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The following was published in the November 1927 issue of the Norfolk
and Western magazine on page 1024

"Levi K. Matthews retired engineer, Shenandoah Division, died suddenly
on September 13. He was born in Forsyth County, NC on December 2, 1858,
and entered the service of the Norfolk and western on January 15, 1889,
as fireman, Shenandoah Division. He was promoted to engineer on
September 4, 1889, and continued in this capacity until his retirement."

The following information was published by the operating brotherhoods in
the early 1920 as information to merchants for their consideration of
their members when customers.

"Matthews, L. K. engineer Winston Salem District - Shenandoah Division,
engineer March 1, 1892. He was number 1 on the list of engineers when
this list was published"

I have found errors in seniority dates in both publications for other
members of the operating brotherhoods from time to time. In checking the
roster of engineers I was unable to find any on this division with a
seniority date prior to 1892. This is the date the N&W leased the
Roanoke and Southern. My best guess is both published dates may be
correct. The information in the November issue of the Norfolk and
Western magazine would have been the dates hired and promoted by the
Roanoke and Southern. The March 1892 date would be the date hired under
the Norfolk and Western lease and continued under the N&W. The Roanoke
& Southern Railway was purchased outright by Norfolk & Western Railway
at time of reorganization on Dec. 2, 1896.

Jim Blackstock

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I'm working on an article for the Winston-Salem Chapter NRHS
newsletter, The Rail. The article is on Levi K Matthews who worked for
the N&W for 38 years. He died in September of 1927.

Can anyone on the list give me information on where he worked
and what his job history might have been? From the picture of his
tombstone in Walnut Cove I presume one of his positions was as an

Any information would be appreciated and as soon as I can scan
the tombstone photo I'll share with you.


George L. Weber
Winston-Salem Chapter NRHS
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