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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
July 16, 1910

Report of Receivership for New Road Denied--More Than Paying Expenses
Roanoke Times: In the past two or three days a rumor has been going the rounds of Roanoke to the effect that the Virginian railway is about to be placed in the hands of a receiver. Exactly how the story originated is not known. In addition, it was said that the Virginian had determined to abolish four of its departments, with a view to curtailing expenses. At first, little credence was given the report and it was generally accepted as one of those vague and groundless statements, arising from untrustworthy sources and passing away without attracting serious attention. When the rumor persisted, the Roanoke Times determined to make inquire at headquarters. It called up the general offices of the Virginian in Norfolk this morning and asked for Harvey T. Hall, general counsel of the road, a former prominent attorney at Roanoke. On being informed of the nature of the rumor in circulation here, Mr. Hall said that it is absolutely without foundation.
"I have heard nothing whatever of such a matter, " said Mr. Hall. "The Virginian is getting along in fine shape."
G. A. Wingfield, assistant counsel of the Virginian, who is in Roanoke on legal business, was seen by a reporter of the Times, and asked about the report. Mr. Wingfield said that such report is entirely without foundation.
"The Virginian is not only meeting all its running expenses, but is paying a part of its interest, which is a remarkable record," added Mr. Wingfield, "when you consider that it is a new road."
Gordon Hamilton
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