Abandoned tunnels

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The tunnels have been part of the original N&W New River Division right of way (Radford to Bluefield/Pocahontas) that was completed in 1883 extending the N&W Railroad into the Pocahontas Coalfields from the former VA & TN at Radford. I'm at work and don't have reference materials with me so I don't have the actual dates but the right of way was improved/better aligned and double tracked over time (early 1900's I believe?…..I'll look it up tonight when I get to the house) and these tunnels were abandoned. Looking at Google Earth Maps the second tunnel appears to be at a location west (nearer Pembroke) from the one I was at in July (barely west of Eggleston). Next time I get back to God's country to visit I'm going to take a look at this second tunnel too. It appears relatively accessible by road.

Ed Painter - Narrows, VA currently living in Russellville, VA

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Do we know who's tunnels those were ooriginally? . . . . mainline or local branch trackage? Neat stuff to find.

Al Kresse

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Something I stumbled over, I would like to share it with you fine folks...


Andy Jennings

blt74 cn3
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