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Can't speak for 'now', but it was common during the 19th century.? One of my books has a cartoon; man shown applying for a job on the RR.? The official turns to ask a third person if anyone was 'seriously injured
this week'.? The answer 'no' prompted this response -'?come back next week and there's sure to be a vacancy by then'.? Truth is, few RR brakemen had a long career in that position.? High accident rate from crushed hands (especially with link and pin coupling); caught between cars; falling from roofwalk.? Industrial safety was not really promoted until the 20th century.
Jerome Crosson

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An interesting commentary between "then" and "now" is how Engineer Shelton is laid off work due to a work-related injury. Can that still happen on the railroads? It is unthinkable in my industry (hazardous waste cleanup), at least with my company.
John Samples

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
June 8, 1910
Engineer Slightly Injured
??? Engineer R. I. Shelton was slightly injured yesterday afternoon by being struck in the neck by a piece of an exploded torpedo as his train was passing Cleveland, Va.? He was relieved at St. Paul and will return to this city on No. 12 today.? Other than a lay off for several days Engineer Shelton is all right, a fact his many friends will be glad to learn.
[The attached photo of a track torpedo shows the two lead straps that are bent to secure the torpedo to the rail head.? I remember being told not to stand near a torpedo because the explosion could send the straps flying.? That is obviously why N&W operating Rule 15 states, in part, "Torpedoes must not be placed at stations or one public crossings."? Apparently, Engineer Shelton was leaning out the cab window and got hit by one of the flying torpedo straps.]
Gordon Hamilton

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