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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
June 2, 1910

Big Mallet Makes Three Trips to Flat Top Yard and Return

Yesterday the Mallet engine No. 991, was put into actual service. The double engine made three trips between this city and Flat Top Yards bringing in 1,750 tons on two trips while the third time it pulled 1,950 tons. The actual tonnage for the last trip was sixty-three cars making a total of 2,860 tons. The Mallet had a class M engine as a lead and easily demonstrated that it could do all that is claimed for it. Today the big fellow will be given a chance at 2,000 tons and will no doubt make good. The railroad people claim that the engine can haul ?,000 tons between this city and Flat Top. The grade is slightly under one per cent.
Road Foreman of Engines Woolwine believes that in addition to ability to pull, the engine can develop a speed of thirty-five miles per hour, but it is not likely that this test will be given it.
It is expected that seven of the engines will be in this city by the end of the week. As has been announced they will work between Bluefield and Northfork. In the course of time it is likely that they will also be put in use between Vivian or Tug and Williamson. This is a matter for the future and will not be attempted until all of the new track has had a chance to settle.
[Some proper names and/or numbers were blurred on the microfilm. The best interpretations are shown. I don't understand why there are differing tonnages for the third and the last trips. With only three trips, the third one would be the last one.]

Gordon Hamilton
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