N&W in 1910--Mallet engine

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Thank you for the info!  I'm sure they crossed paths!  As Harry pointed out, Alfred Hock wrote several articles for Railroad Magazine. We have copies of those issues.


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Mr. A Hock is recorded in my roster book as having been hired 3 September, 1896. I'm sure that my Dad, ( Fireman T.C. Arnold Sr. Hired 7/29/26, deceased 12/17/50)
worked with him from time to time. I spent many happy hours standing on the Bluefield street corners, call office, and round house listening to Railroad Jargon. These guys were my heroes, which included a hobo introduced to me as "Uncle Sam" who was allowed, when in town, to stay in Mr. Dailey's garage on Giles Street..
Thanks again;
Gene A.
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