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>From my records, four Class Ms were sold as scrap at Roanoke during May and

June 1950.

According to Prince's book, numbers 404, 431 and 484 were sold to the
VaSI&M. The fourth, number 464 was sold as scrap but Prince does not list to
whom it was sold.

Bud Jeffries

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Which scrapyard did she go to? I'm just thinking that date is only a couple
weeks before the four surviving steamers from Virginia Scrap Iron & Metal
arrived in the yard. Makes me wonder if the orphaned 4-8-0 pilot truck that
sat behind no. 917 in the yard (and is now the basis for her "tender" on
display in Ohio) might have come from no. 484.

Richard Jenkins

> Class M number 484 was sold as scrap at Roanoke on

> 5-30-1950.


> Bud Jeffries


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> >Does anyone know the subsequent history of no. 484?

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