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I will provide my private email address so those who wish to reply to this message can reply to me privately, especially those who would like to submit information for my 611 book.

Lois J. Ponton

Friends of the 611

ljp611 at ntelos.net

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First, I have a interesting question:
Why was 604 the first J to go to scrap?
Second, in my completion of the book Midnight on the Pocahontas (about 611's 1956 wreck) I have to cover why the 611 was preserved. I would like this to be a private conversation, but I would like to speak with former N&W employees and the like who have information on why the 611 is still with us today. The subject can also be discussed on the board at the moderator's wish.
Lois J. Ponton
Friends of the 611

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> Jimmy

> K2 Would have had the regular Alco Brooks rectangle plate, K2a Would

> have a regular 9 1/4 Baldwin

> round plate. Some that I have seen were chromed but not all of them may have

> worn off like most of the

> Js did.


> Larry Evans

> Kenova,WV



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> Any particular reason they moved them?


> Mike Weeks

> Greenville NC

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