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While we're on the subject, my memory growing up in Farmville during the
1950's and 1960's is that the flashing lights on crossing gates then were
neon tubes that ran the length of the gate. Sections of clear glass
alternated with sections that were painted black. Of course, they flashed
red in the clear sections. Can anyone corroborate this, or is my memory


Sam Putney

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The state pays for the installation of a new crossing. Then it
becomes the railroad's responsibility from then on to maintain it,
test it, and keep it working.

The oldest equipment I know of was the Magnetic Flagman, more commonly
known as the wig-wag signal. As for gate mechanisms and flashing
lights, they used Western Railroad Supply (WRRS) quite a bit, as
there's still some of that equipment out there. They also used some
Union Switch & Signal crossing equipment, Western Cullen Hayes, and

NS is currently using Safetran for its crossing equipment.

Ben Blevins

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> Did the N&W or now NS show a preference for the type or manufacturer of

> crossing gates used? Are they the railroad’s or highway

> dept's responsibility?

> Mike Shockley




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