N&W in 1909--Williamson yard

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
October 6, 1909

Heavy Traffic Has Made Additional Trackage at Williamson Necessary

In order to increase the yard facilities in Williamson officials of the Norfolk and Western a few days ago issued orders that half a dozen or more company houses occupied by employes be vacated so that they can be removed to make room for additional tracks.
Work will be commenced at once to extend the yards eastward, while every foot of available space will be used for additional tracks. This work will be done at once, for the traffic on the road is now so heavy that trains have been delayed for hours because of the crowded condition of the yards.
Freight trains have been held in the Williamson yards for as long as eight and ten hours because of the crowded condition of the road. With so many trains several mishaps have resulted, there being three small wrecks almost within the city limits last Saturday.
Gordon Hamilton
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