N&W in 1909--Car shortage

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
October 6, 1909

Reports from Coal Field Do Not Bear Out Railroad's Statement That Demand is Well Supplied

It has been printed repeatedly on information given out by the Norfolk and Western that the company is practically meeting the demand of the coal operators for cars, but reports from the field fail to bear out the statement. A majority percent of the coal men who have been seen in Bluefield say that their output is decidedly curtailed by the failure of the railroad people to furnish the number of empty cars required to fill the orders. One operator says that the production of his mine for September would have been at least thirty per cent more had the car delivery been equal to his requirement.
The cry all down the line is that the September consignments would have been vastly increased had there been plenty of cars. The haulage, individual operators say, has been cut down from ten to thirty percent on this account. Some complain that the company is running in little dinky forty and fifty-ton cars, and the majority say that the supply is decidedly short.
Gordon Hamilton
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