N&W and Virginian in 1909

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
June 24, 1909

The Virginian Railway, H. H. Rogers' road, surpassed its recent notable freight hauling feat and hauled into Norfolk on Tuesday evening from Roanoke 243 miles, with a single mikado locomotive, 90 steel cars, each loaded with 50 tons of coal, or 4,500 tons of fuel.
The weight of the train, including its load, approximates 7,000 tons.

Sixty Men Building Two Mile Connection for Norfolk and Western

The Norfolk and Western railway company has a gang of sixty men in camp in box cars on the west side of the county infirmary farm, says the Columbus Press-Post. It is believed they will be there for some time. The men are building a connection of about two miles in length south of Livingston avenue to the T. & O. C. tracks. For a mile south of Livingston the new track will be on the west side of the double; below that point it will be on the east side. By this means a lot of grading will be dispensed with.
Gordon Hamilton
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