SD40-2's # 1625-1652 questions

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Hi John,
SD40-2s 1625-1635 were delivered with high short hoods and was N&Ws last locomotive order equipped as such.  Numbers 1636-1652 were delivered with low hoods.  According to the roster on page 71 in Norfolk And Western Second Generation Diesels, the first GP38ACs were delivered in August 1971.  You may have been looking at the photo of the 4130 on page 228 which is dated 20 April 1975.  By that time, EMD's Dash 2 line was in production and the GP38ACs were no longer being built.
Ed Cake

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Hi Listers,
    Will somebody straighten me out on what paint scheme the SD40-2's #'s 1625-1652 were delivered in?  According to the Withers and Bowers 2nd Gen. Diesel book the GP38AC's  (1975) were the first in scheme "F6" but I thought that "F6" was adopted in 1971 and the SD40-2's are from 9-73.  I also gather that the 1625-1652 are the only SD40-2 high hood units...correct?
    Thanks in advance,
    John Hecker________________________________________
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