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First off, you might like to contact the Commissary and obtain the two issues of the Arrow from Mar/Apr '06 and May/June '06. I wrote a two- part series on N&W's SD40-2's and their transition from N&W to NS. Part one is a detailed breakdown of each order and dicussion of a variety of prototype changes. Part two is a review of modeling each variation.

In regards to the units #1625 - 1635, those were the only SD40-2's delivered with high short hoods and short hood forward. Units #1636 - 1652 were delivered with a low short hood but were delivered long hood forward.

All of the SD40-2's were delivered in the F6 scheme with the block NW. Unit #6175 was the only oddity in that it was delivered in the maroon and gold version of the F6 scheme. In 1981, the F8 scheme "NORFOLK and WESTERN" started showing up on unts that needed to be re-painted. There were at least 5 untis that were re-painted into F8 as the NS merger was the next year and everything was re-painted into the Thoroughbred scheme.Hope this helps.

Russ Goodwin
Buford, GA

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Hi Listers,

Will somebody straighten me out on what paint scheme the SD40-2's #'s 1625-1652 were delivered in? According to the Withers and Bowers 2nd Gen. Diesel book the GP38AC's (1975) were the first in scheme "F6" but I thought that "F6" was adopted in 1971 and the SD40-2's are from 9-73. I also gather that the 1625-1652 are the only SD40-2 high hood units...correct?

Thanks in advance,

John Hecker
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