Looking for Abingdon Branch info

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Sun Jan 25 12:46:19 EST 2009

My name is Joe Giannovario. I publish "O Scale Trains Magazine" and I
model the N&W in the period from 1948-1958.

I am designing a point-to-point O Scale layout based on the Abingdon
Branch. I plan to build vignettes of Abingdon, Cedar Bluff, Damascus,
Creek Junction and White Top. The Cedar Bluff and Creek Junction vignettes
are basically scenic connectors to the other three vignettes.

Here's my problem: I have a ton of information about Abingdon but can find
little info about trackage, sidings and buildings at Damascus and White
Top. I have photos of the depots there and that's about it.

Is there anyone on this list who might have information that will
elucidate these areas? You may contact me onlist or off.

Joe Giannovario
jag at oscalemag.com

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