N&W in 1908 -- At Graham

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Bluefield Daily Telegraph
September 27, 1908

Struck by a Train

Holly Bennett, colored, of Statesville, N. C., and two other negroes, attempted to board extra freight No. 180 yesterday morning just west of Graham and were walking between the track waiting for a chance to get on when No. 18 came rushing by, catching the men between the tracks. Bennett became excited and got too near the passenger train with the result that he was knocked down and injured very severely about the head. His spine was also twisted. He was picked up for dead, but when soon afterward he showed signs of life he was taken to the Bluefield Sanitarium, where his wounds were attended to. Later, he was placed on Train No. 1 and carried to Welch where he was placed in the Miner's Hospital. He has a good chance for recovery.
Shocked Her Modesty

A Norfolk & Western train crew will perhaps be indefinitely suspended because they bothered an old colored woman who had caught her dress in a cattle guard east of the Graham station. It seems that the colored woman, who was particularly noticeable on account of her avoirdupois, got caught just as the train was passing and the crew jollied her when they saw that no harm would come to her. The colored woman was so mad that she immediately went and looked up the number of the train so that she could have the jokers hauled up on the carpet. She said that the crew had shocked her modesty and she wished to complain of them.

Gordon Hamilton
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