Scioto Division/Columbus District line relocation?

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The Broad Street overpass was a particularly handsome structure which became
a classy gateway to Columbus for Westbound street traffic. It made the
cover in the N&W Magazine. I'll look it up.

Broad Street was significant in N&W history for another reason.
In 1928, PRR retained Charles A Lindbergh as a consultant and in
1929 coast to coast service by plane and train was inaugurated
with Transcontinental Air Transport. Westbound passengers left
New York at 6:05 PM on The Airway Limited, arrived at Port
Columbus, transferred to TAT's Ford Tri-motors and flew to
Waynoka, OK arriving 6:24 PM. There they transferred to
ATSF's The Missionary for the overnight trip to Clovis, NM.
The final leg of the journey left Clovis at 8:10 AM and arrived
Los Angeles at 5:52 PM with TAT making stops at Albuquerque.
Winslow, and Kingman. Most people don't realize it, but N&W
participated in this service for a little over one year. No. 23
made a stop at Broad Street to discharge passengers for TAT.

>From there to Port Columbus, they were conveyed in a

Curtis Aerocar, which looked like an early version of an
Airstream trailer. Using the air-rail route, Norfolk passengers
could get to L A in a little over 55 hours.
Harry Bundy
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