Current Pix of 917 in Bellville

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>From what I can see, it looks like he has done a pretty good job of putting it back together. Remember, it was abandoned to the elements for fifty years. One could wish for boiler and cylinder lagging and sheathing, but this is not the first N&W steamer to be preserved without them. And the bell is a little comical, but guess the original has long since been stolen. One photo suggests that he took a lead truck from one of the M2's for good measure. I can't figure why he cut off so many pieces before moving it, but he seems to have put everything he got back in place. This ain't Strasburg, but then, the 475 was more complete when they got it. At least one W2 still exists. Jim Nichols

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Apologies for the dual post; I've updated the gallery link to include the photos posted by Dave Stephenson:



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