Current Pix of 917 in Bellville

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Apologies for the dual post; I've updated the gallery link to include the photos posted by Dave Stephenson:

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A couple of thoughts. My father and I were in Bellville a couple weeks ago following his posting the first photo link of the loco on site. They were well on they're way to reconstructing the locomotive and doing quite a bit of welding - so it's certainly better than paint (and could have been worse). While it'd be nice if it was restored properly, the new owner is very excited about getting this locomotive - and I was very impressed with the effort and speed with which he got the whole mission accomplished.

Second, regarding the placement of the cab, the Johnson bar was mounted to the side of the firebox, maybe two feet forward of the backhead, so yes, the engineer was in a tight (and hot) spot!

My father has some photos of this "tweeny" stage (partially reconstructed, not painted); perhaps with some persuasion, he'll post those as well...

Matt Goodman
Columbus, Ohio

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Yeah, the only thing holding it together is the black paint.
Tom Cosgrove

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On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 6:47 AM, Dave Stephenson wrote:

Found these two photos of 917 in process of reconstruction at its new location in Bellville.

Well, at least the engine is out of the scrapyard. Two questions:

Was the cab really in that location? It looks to be too far forward on
the boiler.

How many 55-gallon drums of black paint went through the industrial-size
paint sprayer?

Well, three questions -- would the guy who did this have come out ahead
financially if he just had someone build a sheetmetal and plywood look-alike
steam engine? I see no dignity in the "preservation" of that N&W engine.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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Tom Cosgrove
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