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Chasing this rabbit a bit farther...
The Branchline Trains web page says their 10-1-1 with island Rose and Island Regal is "coming soon".

>From the drawing it looks like Tuscan with gold lettering and a black roof. The heavyweight coach they produced has Dulux lettering and a black roof, which might be right for the two cars equipped with coal stoves for mixed train service...

Jeff Cornelius

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Pardon me if this has already been covered on this


I am just getting around to reading the Summer 2008
issue of Classic Trains which features extensive coverage on Pullman
operations.? There are two items of interest to N&W fans.


First, on page 40 is a chart that shows the
movement of westbound Pullman cars through Harrisburg, PA in a two hour period
in summer, 1952.? One of the routes shown originates in New York, through
Harrisburg, and terminates in Roanoke.? The N&W portion of this route
would be covered by Trains 1 & 2 over the Shenandoah Valley line.? The
type of cars referenced in the chart used on this route at this time were
10-1-1, as well as 10-6.


>From the N&W side of the pool, the 10-1-1 cars

would have been the heavyweight Island Rose and Island Regal.? The 10-6
cars would have been the lightweight S-1 or S-2 sleepers.


Perhaps of more interest, on page 56, is a color
photograph of the heavyweight Cuttyhunk in its N&W stenciling.? The
Cuttyhunk was a 2410 Pullman plan, which was superceded by the 3410 plan.?
I believe the exterior dimensions and window arrangements were basically
identical in these plans, with the difference being mainly interior arrangements
and dimensions.? Prior to N&W ownership, the Cuttyhunk was a pool car
assigned to Pennsy.? The photo on page 56 was taken on June 25, 1955 in
Orlando, FL.


Jim Brewer

Glenwood MD

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