Strange Accident

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Yep, I was on that train. It was being towed by one of Suzy-Q's brand
new oversize
diesels. The pilot plow had to be cut off to move the loco.

And here where I'm a volunteer EMT we've had several suicide by train in
the last couple years.
The classic was when the dispatcher asked if the engineer could move the
train, the engineer
replied that the question should have been was he capable of moving a
train after what he'd
just seen.

And we won't even talk about the paramedic that had to crawl under the
train to pronounce
the guy.

Tom Cosgrove

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> I just have to tell this story one more time. Years ago, I attended a

> NRHS Convention in New Jersey. One event was a fan trip on freight

> only trackage along the NJ - NY border. The excursion train collided

> with a truck at a remote grade crossing. When the police showed up,

> the truck driver claimed the crossing lights did not work; he had no

> warning; it was not his fault; etc. Then two "chasers" stepped

> forward and played their videotape for the police. Sequence - distant

> sound of locomotive, view of crossing signal starting, locomotive

> coming into view, truck starting across without a pause.

> Police asked if a copy of the video could be available for the court -

> they were writing a carload of tickets for the truck driver. The

> excursion passengers were late for dinner.


> Jerome Crosson


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> Well, I wouldn't be surprised if they sue the railroad.


Tom Cosgrove
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