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Sun May 18 15:50:28 EDT 2008

On Sun, May 18, 2008 at 12:49 PM, Frank wrote:

> If anyone wants to work remotely with me to upload stored video clips to a

> web site, or if someone knows who a contact is at the Hotel Roanoke so that

> I can learn their webcam architecture, I'd appreciate the feedback in either

> case. I can also use the guidance of someone familiar with network camera

> settings to adjust the focus, range, sensitivity, and night parameters.

Well, we're seeing how well things aren't working with the Hotel Roanoke
camera -- nice gesture but limiting access to one browser on one operating
system is pretty 1990s. The cameras I've got installed in several locations
on the Virginia Tech campus are Axis cameras ( They
have a built-in web server and a pretty good range as far as daylight/night
conditions. They work with almost all browsers (I can't get an image with
Opera on my Mac) and IE does require the Active-X plug-in. The streaming
image can be dropped into a web page, as is done with my Burruss camera, see for a view.

Granted, this has strayed a little bit from railroad (but not as far as the
"Me Too!" posts about missing Arrows). But the Hotel Roanoke camera does add
a nice dimension to watching our favorite railroad from a distance. My
question (and I already know most of the answer) is "why isn't there a
camera at the Virginia Museum of Transportation?" -- that would seem to be
an ideal location to view a variety of action, with a camera aimed west.
But the camera like I just installed (and am working on programming) run
about $1,200, plus the cost of a network connection. Maybe sometime down
the road ...

Bruce in Blacksburg
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