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Sun May 18 12:49:36 EDT 2008

Well, the Roanoke Camera works fine on my Windows XP computer. I wanted to affirm that at least it works for someone....

On a more general note: the Railway Mail Service Library has network cameras mounted northward and southbound at Boyce station. These work fine and are motion-activated. I understand the bandwidth requirements would overload the DSL connection for people to connect directly to these cameras, although it is otherwise technologically feasible. (I'd be willing to talk with anyone wanting to donate funds for a T-1 line on a continuing basis, which would overcome the bandwidth limitation.) Even with an average of 18 trains passing Boyce daily, there are long periods of inactivity. Most people would snooze with a continous connection. The theory is that if someone is doing ATCS monitoring of the Hagerstown District or listening to the voice channel web feed, they would know when to connect to either camera and observe the passing train.

If anyone wants to work remotely with me to upload stored video clips to a web site, or if someone knows who a contact is at the Hotel Roanoke so that I can learn their webcam architecture, I'd appreciate the feedback in either case. I can also use the guidance of someone familiar with network camera settings to adjust the focus, range, sensitivity, and night parameters.

Good afternoon,

Frank Scheer

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