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On Fri, May 16, 2008 at 5:17 PM, Eric wrote:

> But why run Windoze on a Mac? :-) That's a sacrilege to us Mac-heads.


> I have a Mac dice on the web site.

Yeah, it hurts to do it, but the consolation is that XP runs better in
emulation mode on an Intel Mac better than it runs on a PC. That was also
somewhat true when running VirtualPC on a PowerPC Macintosh. There are some
programs that are Windoze-only, so it is a necessary evil. ATCS Monitor, the
mapping software that came with my GPS, some programs I need at work require
that I lower myself to use Windoze.

As for the web cam, it only works with Internet Explorer and requires that
an ActiveX program be downloaded and installed before the live view can be
seen. It is probably a Sony thing. The web cams I use work just fine in
Firefox on both sides, in Safari, and in Internet Explorer that has an
ActiveX plug-in. Perhaps the folks who set up the Roanoke cam can look at a
better model when it comes time to upgrade.

Bruce in Blacksburg
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