1908 - Anti-Excursion Bill

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Roanoke Times - February 4, 1908

Anti-Excursion Bill

In connection with the anti-excursion bill now before the
legislature, the story is recalled of the Norfolk and Western having
owned a little "sassafras" bull several years ago, and this
particular bull is alleged to have had an annual pass over the road,
the only condition begin that he should never refuse to travel in a
car to himself in a train made up of coal and freight cars. This was
the way in which the road managed to evade the law which prevented
the operation of freight trains on Sunday. The railroad men say that
the bull got so accustomed to riding on the freight trains on Sunday
that he would on Saturday evenings, go to the station and take up his
position at the place for being loaded on the car and wait for the
men to open the door of the "private coach" appropriated to his use
by the company.
The bill, as is the case in the present law, prevents the
operation of freight trains except when there is live stock or
perishable goods, the two new ideas being the prevention of excursion
trains on Sundays, and restricting the operation of freight trains,
even when they are transporting live stock and perishable goods, to
three hours apart in any direction.
The bill does allow, however, of the sale and use of tickets at
low rates and to be used on Sunday trains.


- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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