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Effort of Pennsylvania Bank to Recover Money Loaned to Giles Lumber Concern Attracting Attention Throughout Southwest Virginia
The West National Bank of Williamsport, Pa., has levied an attachment on all the property of the Younken Merriman Co., [The remainder of this paragraph lists a number of lumber companies, and is omitted here.]

The Younken Merriman Company, with the other allied companies, borrowed large sums of money from the Williamsport bank and before the notes had become due had transferred all their property and real estate to James D. Johnston of Roanoke, who is the senior member of Johnston & Williams of Pearisburg. Judge A. A. Phlegar represents the bank. This suit will involve the Big Stony railroad and the New River Holston and Western railway, two short lines in Giles county. The attorneys have attached all the lumber, bark and saw mills, timber lands, [?? blurred], tram roads, stores and a railroad bridge over New River at Big Stony junction. The case is scheduled to come up during the February term of the circuit county of Giles County and is attracting much attention throughout Southwest Virginia.

Bluefield Daily Telegraph
November 3, 1903

[The Big Stony RR became the Potts Valley Branch of the N&W, and the New River, Holston and Western RR became the N&W's Narrows Branch. Big Stony Junction is now known as Potts Valley Junction.]

Gordon Hamilton
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