1907 - Eighty Per Cent. Coal Saved

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Roanoke Times - October 6, 1907

Eighty Per Cent. Coal Saved

Blacksburg, Va., Oct. 5 - Special - There has been recently
installed and is now being successfully operated in the power plant
of the Blacksburg Power & Supply Company, one of the most remarkable
inventions of recent years in the development of power - i.e., the
suction gas producer.
The apparatus generated gas from fuel, using the low or cheaper
grades of Virginia anthracite, and developes the power from this gas
in the ordinary gas engine.
The plant of the Blacksburg Power & Supply Company, which was
erected by the Weber Company of Kansas City, Mo., and is developing a
horse-power hour on 1 3-4 pounds of the fine sizes of Virginia
anthracite. Prior to the installation of this plant it required from
seven to eight pounds of the best Pocahontas coal to do the same
work. Furthermore the attention required is about one-half that
usually given to the steam engine, the man doing other work. The
plant has been run from forty-eight to sixty hours continuously.


- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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