1907 - Glass Factory in Full Blast

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Roanoke Times - October 5, 1907

Glass Factory in Full Blast

The big glass plant at Salem, supplied with glass sand by the
Catawba Valley railroad, has commenced operations. A number of
glassblowers have already arrived, and have settled in Salem, and the
plant presents a very busy scene. A fairly full force is employed
now, but this will be added to as fast as possible, and it is
expected that it will not be very long until the full capacity of the
plant will be run.
A large force of men are employed laying the ties and rails on the
Catawba Valley road between Salem and Bennett Springs, and it is
expected that the road will be ready for the engines and cars within
the next two weeks. The sand for the glass plant at present is being
hauled in wagons, but when the road is completed a greater output
will be possible.


- Ron Davis, Roger Link

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