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There was station named Cando in 1929 just north of Circleville

"Jungle Jim" -
Whit may have a point. Cando translates into Ceee and Oh, as in
Chesapeake and Ohio. When N&W was double-tracking Petersburg
to Suffolk in 1914, Burt, 2.2 miles east of Waverly was established at
the temporary east end of double track. There was a single track
section through Coppahaunk Swamp which ended at Herma.
Apparently Burt and Herma blocked trains through the single track

Between Glen Jean and Reeses, the C.& O. N. R.R. paralleled the
Columbus District in several places. Circleville (MP 679) to Cromley is
one example. As construction progressed, it would seem that C.& O. N.R.R.
trains would be diverted off the N&W and on to their own tracks where a
connection could be made. In compiling the list of Telegraph Station Calls,
I thought we'd run into some temporary block stations from Gregg toward
Columbus, but I don't see any on my list. Cando may very well have been
established to block and "OS" trains to dispatchers on both roads.

Cromley did have a telegrapher which shows up in N&W's system
timetable eff. November 24, 1907. The telegraphic station call for
Cromley was "CR".

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