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If it is not much trouble, we would really appreciate this information. We
both have high speed connection so the download will not be an issue.

We've established that "Cromley" was the end of double track on the Scioto
Valley up until at least 1914 (from the Ohio Rail Maps). It also seems there
was some sort of water station just south (railroad east) of the bridge over
the Little Walnut Creek just south of Ashville, Ohio. Cromley, by the topo
maps, was basically a crossing of a farm lane over the tracks, no sort of
community ever existed per se, but one would assume some sort of block
office or tower was there. So any information from this time period would a
big help to our investigation.

Our sincere thanks for your help in this area Jim.


Eric Davis

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> >Jim:

> >

> >Ah, now we are getting somewhere! Whit and I are both trying to

> >figure this out as we are from the Ashville area.

> >

> >Does that 1909 timetable show anything (water stop, end of double

> >track, etc...) at Cromley? Could it have been the end of Bells

> >Siding? Any details (or even a scan of this TT) would be really helpful!

> >

> >Thanks...

> >

> >Eric


> Eric and Whit


> Not much information in public timetables other than station names. I

> do have a scan of the May 27, 1906 N&W Virginia and Ohio Lines

> timetable from the Official Guide in my computer files. Ashville,

> Duvalls, Lockbourne and Reeses are the only stations listed between

> Circleville and Vallley Xing. I can send this as a 1.48 MB .bmp file

> if you would like a copy.


> Also will check the employee timetables in the archives next week.

> Perhaps they will have additional info.


> Jim Blackstock

> james.blackstock at verizon.net





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Eric at CG Tower
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