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>Ah, now we are getting somewhere! Whit and I are both trying to

>figure this out as we are from the Ashville area.


>Does that 1909 timetable show anything (water stop, end of double

>track, etc...) at Cromley? Could it have been the end of Bells

>Siding? Any details (or even a scan of this TT) would be really helpful!





Eric and Whit

Not much information in public timetables other than station names. I
do have a scan of the May 27, 1906 N&W Virginia and Ohio Lines
timetable from the Official Guide in my computer files. Ashville,
Duvalls, Lockbourne and Reeses are the only stations listed between
Circleville and Vallley Xing. I can send this as a 1.48 MB .bmp file
if you would like a copy.

Also will check the employee timetables in the archives next week.
Perhaps they will have additional info.

Jim Blackstock
james.blackstock at verizon.net

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