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Ah, now we are getting somewhere! Whit and I are both trying to figure this
out as we are from the Ashville area.

Does that 1909 timetable show anything (water stop, end of double track,
etc...) at Cromley? Could it have been the end of Bells Siding? Any details
(or even a scan of this TT) would be really helpful!



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> *Between Ashville and Ritts on the N&W, there had been

> tanks supplied from Big Walnut Creek. The tanks had

> a storage capacity of 150,000 gals. Use of one of the

> tanks was discontinued during the winter. Between

> Jan. 1 and October 31, 1943, an average of 0.4

> trains/day stopped to take on 7,000 gals. This water

> station was apparently known as Reeses.

> Harry Bundy

> *



> Harry


> Very interesting. There was station named Cando in 1929 just north of

> Circleville. I have been unable to locate any miles for this point. Could

> this be the old name for Ritz?


> A 1909 N&W PTT showed Reeses as 4 miles from Lockbourne and 2 miles to

> Valley Xing. Below is a list of these stations.


> Jim Blackstock


> Circleville Freight House Ritts Passing Siding Cando Cromley Bells Siding

> Ashville Dix (Dix Passing Siding) Duvalls Lockbourne Miner (Miner Passing

> Siding) Bradfield Reeses (4 miles from Lockbourne and 2 miles to Valley

> Xing 1909 ptt) Obetz Valley Crossing (formerly C&HV Crossing)


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