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>Between Ashville and Ritts on the N&W, there had been

>tanks supplied from Big Walnut Creek. The tanks had

>a storage capacity of 150,000 gals. Use of one of the

>tanks was discontinued during the winter. Between

>Jan. 1 and October 31, 1943, an average of 0.4

>trains/day stopped to take on 7,000 gals. This water

>station was apparently known as Reeses.

> Harry Bundy


Very interesting. There was station named Cando in 1929 just north
of Circleville. I have been unable to locate any miles for this
point. Could this be the old name for Ritz?

A 1909 N&W PTT showed Reeses as 4 miles from Lockbourne and 2 miles
to Valley Xing. Below is a list of these stations.

Jim Blackstock

Freight House
Ritts Passing Siding
Bells Siding
Dix (Dix Passing Siding)
Miner (Miner Passing Siding)
Reeses (4 miles from Lockbourne and 2 miles to Valley Xing 1909 ptt)
Valley Crossing (formerly C&HV Crossing)
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