Thoughts about steam excursions and Roanoke

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Been done, it was called the New Georgia Railroad. Worked well for a while,
they didn't really take care of the engines they leased though so I would
advise against it with out some sort of oversight by the owners of the
equipment. 611 and 1218 are far too big for what you have in mind, but how
about the 2-8-0. I mean if we are going to play the what if game...for a
loop it would be ideal. If you want to do the big engines, maybe a run
between Roanoke and Vickers or something like that would be more like it.

You have to take the people somewhere and tell a story, and if the history
of VA railroading is what you are going for....Take the J or the A out on
their home territory. Now sell it to NS and you'll be going somewhere.

Jason Greene
Oakwood, GA

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Subject: Thoughts about steam excursions and Roanoke

> You know, I've often wondered if the city of Roanoke and the State of

> Virginia, NS, a ton of volunteers, contributors, and the general public

> could find a way to get those two beautiful locomotives under steam on a

> loop around Roanoke (or something similar) with just a few thoroughly

> inspected coaches behind them at a safe and restricted speed. Maybe this

> is

> just a pipe dream, but I think of NC Transportation Museum and how they

> have

> their limited excursions "around the perimeter" of their property. Even if

> they put them under steam just a few weekends a year, what a sight that

> would be and a draw for the area. Certainly there could be a way to reduce

> the liability issues to a minimum, especially if it is a safe rail

> corridor.

> I know we are talking a lot of money, but come on, what a way to preserve

> history for generations to come.


> Does anybody know if any ideas like this have floated around?


> Mike Weeks




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