Thoughts about steam excursions and Roanoke

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Sat Sep 15 11:04:19 EDT 2007

You know, I've often wondered if the city of Roanoke and the State of
Virginia, NS, a ton of volunteers, contributors, and the general public
could find a way to get those two beautiful locomotives under steam on a
loop around Roanoke (or something similar) with just a few thoroughly
inspected coaches behind them at a safe and restricted speed. Maybe this is
just a pipe dream, but I think of NC Transportation Museum and how they have
their limited excursions "around the perimeter" of their property. Even if
they put them under steam just a few weekends a year, what a sight that
would be and a draw for the area. Certainly there could be a way to reduce
the liability issues to a minimum, especially if it is a safe rail corridor.
I know we are talking a lot of money, but come on, what a way to preserve
history for generations to come.

Does anybody know if any ideas like this have floated around?

Mike Weeks

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