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If you have access to Sanborn maps, they make very good references.
They also cover a number of points in time so you can see the changes
as the city developed.

Newspapers are good material IF you know the general timeframe
(within a few months) when a topic of interest occurred.

The Archives Committee has just started to sort and enter the
valuation maps we received from the Library of Virginia. One of the
volunteers may know if any showed up for Petersburg. Generally items
will be posted in the on-line database within a few days after being

Ron Davis

At 12:40 PM 7/8/2007, you wrote:



>A friend took me to the grand old Petersburg passenger station that looks

>like it would be at home in Mount Vernon. Plus there are many very old

>brick buildings in the area, evidence of track in the cobblestone streets, a

>long freight house -- also brick. All are very, very interesting with lots

>of character -- in fact, just about everything in that old town has



>Since I am not much of student of the N&W (I'm more on the VGN side of the

>family), what are the good resources in print or in existence that would

>tell me more of N&W-in-Petersburg story -- history, structures, track

>diagrams, operations, etc? The Archives has some material (some of it going

>way back) according to the on-line database, but I didn't see any valuation

>maps -- perhaps I just missed them. There are sources for Sanborn maps

>(Library of Virginia in Richmond for one) and those would probably be very



>Any pointers, hints, suggestions or recommendations would be greatly



>Hilary Smith

>Vienna, VA

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