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I'll jump in and guess that it is a stone mason's mallet. Many craft mallets were round so the craftsman's attention could be directed toward the chisel and work (creation) instead of being distracted by the direction of the hammering tool. But the prongs are puzzling unless there was some sort of wooden handle.
Charlie Long

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>Historical Society

> This item was found about 20 yards from the rail road tracks at

>Shenandoah Caverns in Shenandoah County Virginia. The tracks have

>been there since about 1867. Do you know what this item is? It is

>about 12 inches long,3 inches around at the large end. Small end is

>about 1 inch around, may have had a wood handle at one time. The

>prongs on each end are about i inch long now. They are rusted off or

>broken now. at first I was thinking that it could be a civil war

>grenade, but that has since been ruled out.

>Thank you off your help.

>Marv Polk lll

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