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An N&W Norfolk Division track chart can be a big help. Compared
to the NS Virginia Division track chart, it's much easier to comprehend.

At one time, I believe there was a historical plaque on Grove Avenue
that referred to one of the South Side RR buildings. Didn't that building
recently burn ?

Here are some other notes about Petersburg:

General Mahone is buried in Blandford Cemetery. So is Joseph
Cotten, the Hollywood actor that starred with Marilyn Monroe in
"Niagara". Blandford Cemetery has a web site.

A Norfolk Division roadmaster found a desk in the Petersburg
depot that belonged to Gen. Mahone and it was immediately brought
to Roanoke for Mr. R. B. Claytor's use.

Before completion of ACL's Petersburg cut-off (through Ettrick), their main
line crossed N&W east of the passenger station, then took a 90 degree
tack to the west and ran through the business district in the middle of
Washington Street. Speed limit: 6 MPH. There were some ACL flyers
that used the Washington Street route until the 30's.

Petersburg's historical society was (and may still be) housed in the
Mahone residence.

Harry Bundy

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