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Having ridden the N&W to Cincinnati in 1965, I think it's worthy of
consideration. The Union station is much diminished but still

Two Blocks from the N&W Valley Line

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Next year's NWHS convention will be held in Ohio, but the exact
location has not been determined. Marion is currently being

We are interested in receiving suggestions for tours and activities
in the area.

We already have two very experienced volunteers who have agreed to
chair next year's convention.

Any Ohio members who are interested in helping plan next year's
Convention, please contact me at <davis at>

The 2009 Convention is scheduled for Roanoke, VA to celebrate our 25th

Ron Davis

At 05:58 AM 6/18/2007, you wrote:

>I assume next years convention will be in Columbus based on the

>Robinette's statement? Many thanks.




>Todd Arnett


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>Subject: Convention


>"Again another well planned convetion and hope to see everyone next

>year up in Ohio"

>Nathan and David Robinette




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