1907 - A Monument to Mr. Kimball

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As many undoubtedly know, that monument, which the city had placed in
storage for several years, was placed at the corner of Williamson Road and
Church Ave. in Roanoke in front of the "new" NS building. It's still quite

Sam Putney

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> Roanoke Times - June 18, 1907




> A Huge Fountain Will be Erected Fronting Passenger Station


> When the late Frederick J. Kimball, president of the Norfolk & Western

> passed away there was considerable talk of erecting a memorial to one who,

> up to that time, had been Roanoke's best friend. From time to time during

> the following years such steps were mentioned and it was pretty generally

> known that plans were being made for the erection of that monument.

> President L. E. Johnson and other friends of Mr. Kimball were not idle

> and lately plans where adopted for a most appropriate memorial. It will be

> a drinking fountain for man and beast and will be placed at the entrance

> to

> the plaza, fronting the Norfolk & Western passenger depot.

> The design is the work of a Philadelphia artist and the contract for the

> erection of the memorial has been awarded. It will be of granite, 13 feet,

> 10 1/2 inches in length and 11 feet in height. At the base will be a pool

> for dogs, and higher up basins for horses and drinking places for man.

> The following inscription will front the memorial:


> To Him Unto Whom

> We Owe So Much:



> On the sides and rear will be Biblical quotations. One will be:

> "He prayeth well, who loveth well, both man and bird and beast."


> The memorial will cost several thousand dollars and when erected will be a

> great ornament to that part of the city and a fit monument to the great

> railroader.


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> - Ron Davis, Roger Link




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